Quote:RMB2450/CBM from second:RMB750 MIN:1CBM:500KGS

Vessel schedule:MON/FRI

Transit Time:30 days

Note:Product packaging for plywood,composite board,free of fumigation .Wood products or log packing need to do fumigation 800RMB/SET.

1.Above rates are based on RMB,(3CBM’s charges is made by the first cubic plusfrom second*2),For example:3CBM,2350+(2*650) =3650

2.above rates are based on general cargoes,including ocean freight and other charges casued in demestic and outbound,custom clearance charge,excluding delivery charge and customs inspection.if you need us to delivery ,please check it on line.Customs duties =Value*tax rate(tax rate:5% to 30%) GST(goods and services Tax)=(value+ duties)*5%

3.Above rates include 5 items,each additional item will add 15RMB/item

4.The calculation method of heavy cargo:actual weight/ 500KG=actual cubic

5.Transportable sensitive goods,such as battery,chemical etc (foods need to be confirmed by us and paste label of"MADE IN CHINA",If selling goods ,you should paste lable and Component description)

6.If need Chinese Certificate of Origin to do custom clearance,shipper will provide it to us,or we issue it ,which will be caused 100RMB/set

7. Consignee needs to apply free duty, we will charge RMB1000/SET .

8. 8.Consignee is personal,we will collect extra DO charge of RMB800/SET(special documents),if it is company ,we will not collect it.

9. If assisting custom clearance,we will collect service charge RMB1800/SET

10.Appling free duty of New immigrant or personal goods(suitable to new immigrants who get Canadian Maple Leaf Card,but not lived in Canada or lived in Canada within three years,but not importing personal goods;the old goods which used for less than half a year can be appplied free duty,but new goods ,customs will collect extra 13% HST (Ontario tax)excepting custom duty,under this circumstance ,consignee needs to do custom clearance face by face ,who willtake all documents such as packing list ,invoice ,original passport,Canadian Maple Leaf Card

11.Eelectronic customs clearance for personal goods,suitable to immigrants,Citizen,foreign students who have a job card,Migrant workers and the simple items,we will documents of packing list and Invoice ,we will assist you to open a temporary import tax No for electronic custom clearance.

12. If need us to pack goods ,please contact us for rates

13. Delivery service,please provide delivery address for our checking delivery charge

14.Excluding Insurance ,if need ,please contact us 。