Quote:RMB3000/CBM more than 1CBM:RM1100 MIN:1CBM:250KGS


TT:about 38days

Mark: plywood, composite board no need to do fumigation 。Wood made or wood packing need to do fumigation 800RMB/bill.

1.Mention rates are in RMB,(for example 3CBM,2350+(2*650)=3650

2.Mention rates are for general cargo ,including ocean freight and extra charge both side ,custom clearance in destination,excluding dlivery and custom inspection ,if you need delivery rate ,please check with our customer service . Tariff =cargo value *Tariff Rate(normally 5—30% ) GST(Goods And Services Tax)=(cargo value+tariff)*5%

3.Mention rates include 5 items ,if over 5 iteams,adding 15RMB/item

4.Chargeble weight by RT:actual gross weight/500KG=RT

5. Accepting Sensitive cargo like battary, chemicals eg. (food bill need double check and need MADE IN CHINA label for self use ,need label and exact material detail

6.if need certificate of original , 100RMB / set

7.cnee is not company and need us apply duty free ,need extra RMB1000 / bill extra charge

8.cnee not company need RMB800 / bill docs transfer charge (special docs) ,for company free

9.if need accompany for the custom clearance , RMB1800 / bill

10. new migrants / personal belongings Apply duty free (for who have the card of maple leaf but not arrive Canada or new migrants never import personal belongings in three years,for personal belongs used more than half one year can apply duty free ,but for new goods need pay tariff and 13 % HST(Ontario tax).by issue original bill,Original passport,The maple leaf card original ,Original immigration paper,need you take all necessary docs include packing list to custom to interview clearance

11. personal belongings can be electric custom clearance for immigrate / citizen, International students have a job card , workers and goods which Item is straightforward . electric custom clearance need provide packing list /bill ,we will use job card to make Temporary import duty number no need go to custom by yourself .

12. Immigration items need door packaging check case by case

13.Need delivery must provide exact address and add dlivery charge

14.Excluding insurance ,if need ,please contact us.